Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Every Little Thing II

A couple of months ago I did a visual catalogue of everything in my purse to get an idea of how many individual things I really did have at a time and to have an excuse to draw the every day as encouraged in the book I was reading, The Creative License.  I started doing something similar for the things I had on my bedside dresser. I wasn't planning to post it but I figure I would put it up anyway. Dare I list all the items like last time? OK, well there's ...

  1. a jewelry box from the Ukraine
  2. paperclips / coins
  3. a bottle of purple Listerine
  4. an ipod shuffle
  5. various pens
  6. a travel alarm clock
  7. Swatch watch
  8. a pair of glasses
  9. an Ugly Doll
  10. hair pick
  11. spare batteries
  12. lip gloss
  13. deodorant
  14. various perfumes 
  15. The Girl Who Played With Fire
There's probably a couple of others that I didn't mention, but you get the drift. I'll be on the look out for other categories of things to document soon enough though!

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