Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Afternoon at the museum

Eros - Alfred Gilbert

This afternoon I went to the Art Gallery of SA to attend a lunchtime talk that's part of the OzAsia festival. It was a 30-minute session from the curator of the 'Paradise on Earth' gallery regarding the use of flowers in Islamic Art. The floral imagery largely represents the notion of Paradise as being a beautiful garden, which naturally would imply the role of flowers in conveying that idea.

I hadn't been to the Art Gallery before today so it was nice to experience something a bit new around town. I didn't take any photos from this particular gallery nor did I think I'd end up drawing anything until I convinced myself to give it a go before I left. I managed to come away with the sketch above. For awhile, a mother and her two young daughters watched me while I drew. I get nervous doing these types of things in public because it can draw (ha ha) attention, particularly if I'm not convinced that it will turn out in the end. The two girls thanked me for letting them watch me - at the mother's prompting but they still were genuinely impressed. Either way, it was good that I forced myself to sit down and do something, regardless of how it turned out.

my sketching perspective