Sunday, November 25, 2012

Perth in the Periphery

Whoa, nelly. A month ago I took my first extended trip out of Adelaide to go to a family wedding in Perth. I finally got to meet and spend more time with the family I married into -- my husband's cousins, aunts, uncles and slightly more distant relations. I was a bit intimidated by the prospect but excited I would take the flight I dreamt of taking almost since I arrived in Australia. Well, not quite, but at least it was one step in the direction of exploring other places, an impulse perhaps nurtured by a tendency to move around.

In the end my apprehensions were allayed by enjoyable company and a welcome change of scenery. However, when I came back to Adelaide I was mildly comforted as well. Leaving and then returning to what I've recently called home helped me to realize the degree to which I've grown accustomed to life in this town. I guess I do like it here.

I was a bit negligent of my sketching practices but below are a few doodles.

Perth skyline from the south side of the city

Sleepy koala at the Perth Zoo