Monday, April 16, 2012

Ein Hod

A few weeks ago myself, my husband and a mutual friend went to Ein Hod, an artist's village in northern Israel. It's a quaint place with little galleries, a couple of museums and some other establishments. The Haifa fire which burned quite a bit of the surrounding rural area late 2010 also affected parts of Ein Hod. You could see the lines of trees and other areas that were charred. A lot of it has grown back though. Spring is a yearly reminder of rejuvenation.

Before exploring much of anything we stopped to have Israeli breakfast at a little cafe. We were the only customers for the morning with the exception of a few people sitting outside enjoying the sun, waiting for nothing in particular. They played old jazz songs, a solid genre to chill out to with cups of cappuccinos. 

Ein Hod Cafe
Everything seemed fairly slow while we were there. The shopkeeper of a bookstore said that of course there aren't that many people, that's why they're called a village! He seemed to enjoy his middle of the week lull. More people showed up in the galleries and in the streets as the day drew on. We left early that afternoon content that, for a period of time, we were able to remove ourselves from the familiar reaches of Haifa.

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