Monday, March 26, 2012

A view from Ben Gurion Ave

a view from Ben Gurion Ave by moody_e
a view from Ben Gurion Ave, a photo by moody_e on Flickr.
I spent a small part of my afternoon off sitting on one of the ledges on Ben Gurion Ave, one of streets that always seem to be busy with activity from hotels and restaurants and the like, and sketched a bit. Felt I should have done more in the time I spent but when I'm working with pen and I don't have much going on, what's the point in going quickly?

I did get a couple of looks and comments from people passing by, mainly from high schoolers who had just gotten off of class and were waiting for the bus. This time at least, I thought it nice to be noticed.


  1. Sitting on the sidewalk...sketching across the of the small pleasures in life. Looks like a beautiful day and spot, both from your drawing and photos.

    1. Yes, definitely a pleasure; especially in spring, one of my favourite seasons. Just enough warmth and sunshine :0)