Thursday, March 29, 2012

A visit to Tel Aviv

distant view from the sea wall

Went to Tel Aviv today. My husband got wrapped up in the idea of visiting Old Jaffa, an ancient port city that was eventually incorporated into Tel Aviv proper in 1950. We didn't get around to going the first time we were in Israel and seeing as we had a day off, now was as good a time as ever. 

After coaxing ourselves out of bed this morning, we rode an hour on the train into the city, navigated our way through the bus terminal shortly after arriving and eventually ended up in the old city. It felt very much like 'Akka except on a slightly larger scale. We explored for a bit, ran into some people we knew, had lunch and then prepared to head back to Haifa. Although not quite intending to we ended up at the Azerali mall after catching a different bus back to what we thought would be the bus station. It was nice detour though, did some window shopping and rested a bit at CafeCafe. Something else to cross off my list of things to do.
enjoyed a lemon/passion fruit granita

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