Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adebanji Alade

Adebanji Alade is an artist from the UK who does a lot of portraiture but has been known to paint landscapes and frequently sketches others on the tube. I first became familiar with some of his sketches via the Urban Sketchers website, as I have with many other artists that have inspired me to think more about sketching on location. He recently created a post about tips on sketching people on public transport and about sketching in general.

One is acknowledging your uniqueness. Not everyone will draw the same, so do it often until you become yourself. It's fine to get inspiration from others but sometimes comparison can get in the way.

Feel good about what you've done and accomplished but don't be complacent, continue to strive. On the same token, if you look at what you've done and feel bad, don't let that stop you. Acknowledge where you are and keep going. There's no point in berating yourself.

There are also other things like trying to get an overall feel of a scene and to not necessarily get so caught in the details.

Even when you're really passionate about something there are moments when you wonder: what am I doing?  Dear readers, are there any rules or other things you try to keep in mind when trying to stay motivated?

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