Monday, May 21, 2012

Junayn Gardens

The days are getting busier as the month wears on. The end of next week I trade Israel for Australia, so my schedule is blowing up just a bit. In between everything else is packing and updating my resume. This weekend I went to the Junayn Gardens, one of the places Baha'u'llah would frequent, which was in the 19th century property acquired by the Bahai's and used for farming. The land used to extend much further but at the moment there's a lot of development going on around the property. Besides that I don't know too much about this place.

I figured I would have trouble scanning the drawing so I took a photo of it instead -- pre fixing up and erasing.

Oh, I recently ordered and received the book The Art of Urban Sketching.  I've read most of it so far. It makes a nice reference!

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