Monday, April 23, 2012

Amongst the trees

Another quick drawing in the gardens after work Friday. Things were quiet except for the birds who were active as ever. In the distance I heard a kingfisher, which at that point I hadn't seen since I'd been back. The ink in my brush pen seemed to be phasing out -- an unfortunate occurrence after it uncapped itself in my bag -- but it worked long enough for the exercise. The texture, of course, was added later.

The initial sketch reminded me a little of Van Gogh's olive tree paintings. I'm kind of a fan of Impressionism so maybe I'll explore more with those types of visible strokes. I have some other things in mind as well. It's a wonder the things that nature will inspire you to do!

Olive Grove by Van Gogh


  1. Really nice. Did you get tips from somewhere?

    Did I ever tell you that my mom once tried touching the Van Gogh at the MIA because she didn't believe it was real? My parents are embarrassing!

    I might attempt daily sketches after finals are over.

  2. Haha. No, you didn't tell me that.

    Didn't really get any tips for this one. I just wanted to try out the brush pen again because you can get more in with fewer strokes. Since there's usually some foliage in my sketches I'm always trying to figure out ways to render them.

    Hope you're able to do some daily sketch stuff or at least do more of it when you're able!