Friday, June 1, 2012

Until Next Time

I made it through one 10 hour flight and am waiting for another in Seoul, Korea. My husband and I left Israel yesterday evening. Never really knowing what to expect, it seemed that in the end we had one of the easier exits from Ben Gurion Airport.  Aside from battling a Korean tour group, the lines were short and no fuss. You can believe that you had a decent experience when one of the "worst" things that happened was discovering that the McDonalds was replaced with a Burger Ranch. Let's hope I didn't speak too soon.

Right now the airport in Seoul is quiet.  My husband will be staying in Korea for a few days to visit his brother while I go straight on to Australia.

These past few months in Haifa have gone by so quickly. I've managed to start a habit of sketching on location and hopefully a better appreciation of my surroundings, and I am looking to continue it in the land down unda! Once I work out the scanner situation (or temporarily resort to taking snapshots again) I'll be posting again.  In the meantime, better start sketching.


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