Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Conference of Birds

The other day I had a chance to finally see a bit of Adelaide proper. Although Adelaide is a decent size, about 1.2 million, a lot of the population seems to be spread out, which makes it more difficult to visualize.  The definition of what's considered the metropolitan area is a bit liberal, with its suburbs covering a lot of area.  However, the downtown area is understandably denser.  We arrived around lunch and everyone was out doing their shopping or other errands during their break.

After taking a little tour, my excitement elevated slightly from exposure to more urban living, Chad and I ended up having at sit at one of the parks near the University of Adelaide. A small group of people camped out some distance away started feeding some of the ducks nearby.  I was surprised by the response that happened shortly thereafter.  Seagulls swooped in, moorhens crossed the bank, noisy miners fought with the magpies, crested pigeons waddled by, a pair of black swans floated downstream, and a number of other birds gathered, waiting to see if they would be a lucky recipient of the bread.  The sketch I did make doesn't quite illustrate how many were there but trust me, there were plenty.

Once it seemed like there was no more food coming their way, they came our direction, hopeful that we too would be generous.  Didn't have anything to offer but took photos instead.  My favourites usually are the ones with either long legs or big feet in proportion with their body. Here are just a few of our guests.

Black swan

Dusky moorhen

Australian magpie
Eurasian coot

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