Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before the Weekend

Husband napping on the couch

It's getting kind of late here in ol' Haifa so it seems fitting to post this drawing. It's been a laid back sort of day. Earlier this morning I headed out towards the port, mainly in search of a particular art store but also as an excuse to get out and enjoy the weather. It was a nice change to walk around a different part of the city and to get away from the renovations that have been happening in the building all day. While I did find the store in question, I couldn't decide on much of anything to buy and wasn't too confident in my ability to convert prices from shekels to dollars so I more or less came away empty handed. Alternatively, I found a new location to stalk. Results of the day's sketchcapades to be posted later.

In other news I think I'm fairly satisfied with the current blog layout. What do you think?  Adding things as I think of them and trying not to go overboard in changing something if I don't need to.

Hope all you folks out there have a good weekend :)


  1. I like your blog, your work, your thoughts... it gives me a new appreciate of connection, how my experiences fit in with modern... some of "our times" are sweet. (I'm going to send Amy G your blog URL :)

  2. Thanks, Sue. I'm glad you like the blog :)