Monday, January 16, 2012

I like Georgia O'Keefe. She was an artist born in Wisconsin, who was famous for her oil paintings that depicted abstract forms of nature. She painted a series of flower close ups such as her painting Black Iris. Looking for a change of pace later in her career she was eventually drawn to New Mexico. O'Keefe's choice of subject matter was influenced by its desert landscapes. I like how her paintings have a dreamlike and sometimes surreal quality to them.

I'm pretty accustomed to urban living and am attracted by the activity of metropolitan areas but have a simultaneous appreciation for the organic. A number of years ago I went to Lake City, Colorado, a lovely town of about 400 people, with a friend of mine during high school. While we were out exploring one afternoon I found the jaw bones of an animal most likely that of a deer or an elk. I held onto them after giving them a good cleaning and have rediscovered them recently among my things. I suppose that's what reminded me of O'Keefe's paintings. I started doing a sketch of it earlier this morning. The curly bits around it are supposed to be the texture of the carpet. I may decide to fill in the rest a bit later.

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